The word 'Savings' is generally accepted to refer to bank and building society cash deposit accounts. However, it can also refer to saving regular amounts for a future purpose in an investment.

Deposit Accounts

To assist with unexpected costs, having an easily accessible savings account is an important part of anyone's financial planning. It is often referred to as an 'Emergency Fund'.

Although we don't often directly arrange savings accounts for our clients, we are happy to point them in the direction of banks and building societies, who are offering competitive accounts and who are suitable for the current circumstances.

Regular Saving Investments

If the plan is to save over the medium to long term, and an accessible emergency fund is already available, it is usually worth considering the alternatives to deposit accounts. The current rates of return are at historically low levels, which in most cases don't protect your savings from the effects of inflation.

We are happy to assist you in setting up a regular savings plan that is affordable and will help you to build up a lump sum for a future use.